Tailor Made & Training

Get to know our expertise in spill prevention, tailor-made is our benchmark.

20 years of experience has brought us to where we are today. Arivic is more than ever, your best partner in the battle against oil and chemical pollution. 

These recent years, we see a clear evolution in the collaboration of Arivic with its customers from rather a product sale to co-create a total solution preventing all possible (oil) pollutions, both on land and on water

These tailor-made and sometimes very specific applications give Arivic the advantage in know-how that we like to share with all our customers when investing in future projects. 

On the other hand, we see that a thorough training in the use of our materials is the foundation of an effective and structured approach to both prevention and the fighting of spills. 


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  • Ensuring safety of your people, even during moments of crisis
  • Reduces accidents
  • Limit the loss in time fighting the pollution
  • Limit excessive costs and even avoid them
  • Reduce the risk of corporate image damage and therefore protect your revenues
  • Avoid of towering environmental fines and / or sanitation bills


  • Petrochemicals
  • Ports and port-bound industry
  • Chemicals
  • Government / Fire depts
  • Production units
  • Transportation / Storage
  • Maintenance