Spill Kit

Spill kits are often essential as a first reaction to an calamity.

Installing spill kit at strategic places in your company where the risk of spills are more likely to happen, increases the reaction time drastically. 

Usually, the content of a spill kit is custom-made. [Text Wrapping Break]Depending on the location, spill kits can be filled with sorbents, safety equipment, drain sealers, sorbent disposal bags or other specific materials. Therefore, together with our customers we determine the content and even the size of their specific spill kit according to the absorption capacity needed to take on the spill. Arivic helps it customers in assessing the possible scenarios before providing them with a tailor-made proposal. 


  • Permanently present on ‘spill-sensitive’ locations
  • Minimum of tools is always present to keep control of risky situations
  • Uniform way of working throughout your company
  • Mobile (if necessary)
  • Determinate content and recipient yourself

A variety of models

  • MOBILE: our small and handy spill kits will fit easily in cranes, trucks, lorries, …
  • BOX: our bright yellow boxes are ideal for implanting near spill-sensitive locations on your working floors
  • OPA : specific for the maritime industry when transporting into US-territorial waters (Oil Pollution Act)

Arivic spill kits