Spill Control

Safeguard your company and your people, even when things go wrong.

Trust is good, control is even better.


During certain activities, it is impossible to avoid nor proactively prevent spills and contaminations, it’s keeping these under control that needs your attention. The clear and decisive approach, having the right tools by hand and access to knowhow will prove vital keeping control of your company at the moment of truth. 

These last 20 years , the Arivic – team has gained a lot of knowledge and combined it with a sophisticated range of the best products & solutions available in the field of oil pollution response. 

Our personal approach ensures a continuous service providing a tailor-made proposal for our customers to facilitate the complex decision-making process when investing in safety and spill prevention.


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  • Ensuring safety of your people, even during moments of crisis
  • Reduces accidents
  • Limit the loss in time fighting the pollution
  • Limit excessive costs and even avoid them
  • Reduce the risk of corporate image damage and therefore protect your revenues
  • Avoid of towering environmental fines and / or sanitation bills 


  • Petrochemicals
  • Ports and port-bound industry
  • Chemicals
  • Government / Fire depts
  • Production units
  • Transportation / Storage
  • Maintenance