Spill containment

Leak prevention (spill containment) is probably the most obvious way to prevent pollution. Idea is to address the problem at the source of the spill in a recipient. Depending on the application, different shapes and sizes of recipients are available. 

Even small amounts of spilled oil can cause a lot of damage to both nature or people at their workplace. One thing is for sure: the polluter pays for the cleanup and remediation. Furthermore spills cause slippery floors and an unsafe workplace environment


  • VLAREM compliant (minimum absorbency capacity)
  • Can also be used as connectable floor elements
  • Stackable and easy to transport (notches for forklift)
  • Minimum loss of space
  • Available in plastic or metal 


  • PLASTIC: suitable for oils, fuels, chemicals, acids / bases,…
  • METAL: suitable for storage of batteries, corrosive products,…
  • MOBILE: suitable for interventions and shipments on non-impermeable floors.

Arivic leak prevention (spill containment)