Oil containment booms and skimmers

Arivic has built up experience and know-how for over 20 years installing oil booms and skimmers in and around the Belgian ports.

Oil booms are able to contain spills on the water surface, and ensure that the contamination cannot further flow away. Once the contamination is contained, a skimmer can pump the spilled pollution to an external reservoir. To completely remove the last scraps of the spill we can provide absorbent booms and absorbent pads. We call this a 100% mechanical cleanup. (no dispersants needed).

Since 2012, we see a clear trend of companies investing in permanent oil booms which already contain 90% of the spills. So it’s a smart way of keeping the risks under control.


  • Stay in control of your company when a spill occurs
  • Avoid of skyrocketing costs and / or environmental fines
  • Fully tailored to your business
  • Combine with other products such as skimmers, sorbents, Bioversal,…
  • Direct impact on the safety of the workplace environment
  • Positive effect on the company image


    • inflatable or foam filled
    • round or flat 
    • absorbing or just as a dam 
    • section under water (skirt) adaptable (usually depending on type of contamination)
    • tidal systems are possible
    • specifically for tank terminals, jetties, finger-piers,…
    • maintenance contract possible
    • during dredging activities to prevent sediments to float all over the environment

Arivic oil booms (oil retaining screens) and skimmers