Our environmental friendly cleaning products can be used in a wide variety of contaminations. Spills with oil can not simply be removed with just water (and soap). The oil or hydrophobic layer will continue to remain and even attach on the soil.

Our products have a high extraction capacity, are water soluble and completely biodegradable. Micro-organisms will ensure that the contamination is fully degraded on an organic way.

This kind of cleanse allows not only to remove surface contamination, but also do a deep cleaning of your paved (hardened) surfaces. We also have developed a special product that is a solution for both new and older calamities of semi-hardened surfaces (gravel, gravel, ballast stones, …).

Some of these products can also be used on the water and DO NOT affect the eco-system.



  • Environmental friendly
  • Safe to use: pH neutral
  • Universal use (land and water)
  • Internationally recognized testing and approvals


  • BIOVERSAL: universal use on both land and water.
  • OT-8: removes oil stains from hard surfaces (brick, concrete floors, …).
  • BIO-TA: specially designed for cleaning of Tarmac and Asphalt.
  • BIO GEL: specially designed for the cleaning of clay, gravel and ballast stones.
  • AQ-BIOSAFE: specially designed for the cleaning of road pavement (concrete, asphalt).

Arivic cleaning applications