Arivic oil booms

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Arivic oilbooms on TV

All marine traffic in the Antwerp Port was disturbed due to an oil spill. On Sunday morning, harbour masters noticed a big oil stain on the dock water near the Kieldrecht lock (Deurganck dock) forcing the authorities to close this passageway. Vessels need to enter the Left bank docks using the Kallo lock, on Friday the Port of Antwerp is expecting a huge vessel that can only enter the docks using the Kieldrecht lock. At this moment, the source of the pollution remains unknown. (Source : ATV)



Brabo Cleaning Company and Arivic

Brabo Cleaning Company has installed our high-quality oil booms on several strategic locations near the most important locks in the Port of Antwerp. The oil boom you see on the video is filled with ‘flat-foam’ to ensure an efficient storage. The oil boom has a height of 75 cm and a length of 150 m, exactly matching the distance needed to close down the entire dock to protect the lock. The oil booms can be unrolled and attached at pre-installed connectors at the side of the docks. These connectors have a length of over 9 m to ensure the oil boom following tides while the locks can resume their activity. By embedding this methodology, our partner Brabo Cleaning Company can react quicker and more efficient than ever before on these type of oil spills throughout the entire Antwerp Port environment. Reaction time has been lowered to a matter of minutes ensuring the Port’s productivity.

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