Protecting you & the environment since 1996

20 years Arivic

On April 25th of 2016, Arivic celebrated her 20th anniversary.
A serious milestone in our history, a milestone that we are exceptionally proud of.
The past 20 years have been an amazing experience for us and we are pleased to look back on the many accomplishments we could achieve together with our customers and partners.

Arivic as a pioneer

In 1996, we – Rita De Smedt and Vicky Buyck – considered that the momentum has come to establish a company with a clear value proposition: help industrial and harbour-linked companies to prevent and control oil and chemical spills. Arivic questioned and challenged the current way of working and traditions such as the use of granules, rags and environmental-unfriendly dispersants. Our mission to switch to smarter alternatives such as polypropylene sorbents was not an obvious message to send out. With great determination, we decided it was our duty to continue bringing this message anyway … apparently with success.
In addition to the pioneering efforts, we have been able to introduce completely new products and solutions which were still completely unknown for companies in Belgium at that moment. Innovation has become Arivic’s most typical characteristic, our customers expect us to continuously bring them smart and innovative applications in order optimize the safety of their people and activities.

Transforming from control to prevention

Knowing that the need for a genuine proactive spill policy in 1996 was virtually non-existent. Most internal policies were drafted in such a way that the aim was to get the spill as quickly as possible under “control” mostly meaning “get them out of sight”. Today, we can all agree that a proactive policy is much safer and even cheaper than a reactive policy. Can you imagine that we are very proud that even after 20 years we keep telling that same story?
Our mission is now more clear than ever: we protect your business, your people and our environment from the risks associated with oil and chemical spills, both on land and on water.

Tailor-made is our normal

The result of the evolution towards ‘spill prevention’ is that the sorbent market is evolving more into a commodity and therefore ‘price product’. This trend has been going on for a while now and our reaction to this is still the same as 20 years ago: we do not only sell products but by actively think along with our customers. Together we evaluate the situation thoroughly before we make a proposal. Unfortunately, we often see that the wrong products are used for a specific type of spill, what sometimes can lead towards dangerous situations.
In addition to a personal service, we are focused on providing solutions that fit your needs.
For example: spill kits are completely customizable. This way, an optimal response can be given to your specific emergency. We are confident that tailor-made solutions are key to Arivic’s future.
We would like to thank everyone who worked with us these past 20 years and became part of the success and growth of our company.

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Rita De Smedt & Vicky Buyck (co-founders)