8 Benefits/ advantages of sorbents

8 Benefits/ advantages of sorbents

From reactive to proactive with Arivic sorbents

Leaks and spills are inevitable in workplaces where all kinds of chemicals, liquid or fuels are being used. Historically, many will work with different types of grains to absorb these small and even large spills. This means that only action is taken after the spill has occurred. Absorption material or sorbents have the ability to change that!

Arivic proposes to continuously work with sorbents (meltblown polypropylene) because it can be used both preventive and reactive. Our 20 years of experience has learned us that a good safety management is essential to avoid accidents, and keep business processes proceed optimally.

The benefits of sorbents in a row:

  • prevent instead of clean-up
  • economical in usage and waste disposal
  • hoger higher absorbent capacity ( in liters as well as absorption time)
  • waterproof version (WHITE) is possible
  • cleaner work environment and increased safety
  • more efficient cleaning
  • no health risks
  • no damage to machinery

Our pads have a standard size of 40 x 50 cm. The rolls are available in a variety of widths ranging from 38 cm to 1.50 m. We always provide a possibility to equip rolls with an impermeable layer at the bottom in order to exclude seepage. An adhesive layer can be provided when your application requires this. Customization possible!


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