Spill kit

Assemble your own spill kit!

Spill kit as a first response to a spill!

Experience pointed out that your response to a disaster has a major impact on the final invoice and impact to your environment. The presence of a spill kit, at strategic locations in your workplace or other specific ‘spill-sensitive’ places, can limit the reaction time substantially. Also, a sophisticated and trained methodology to address spills is of great importance in order to maintain control and ensure safety even in chaotic situations.

Arivic offers a number of standard assembled spill kits where it’s content is based on more than 20 years of feedback from our customers. Depending on the type of pollution that you have to deal with, we choose our ‘OIL ONLY’ or ‘UNIVERSAL’ absorbing sorbents.

On the other hand, we work out customized spill kits. Most of our customers have standard PPE and / or drain sealers already provided on their industrial site or in the vehicles, therefore we can best fill their spill kits with sorbents and other relevant tools.

Assemble your own spill kit.