Arivic has been specializing for over 20 years in spill prevention and spill control addressing a variety of oil and chemical pollutions. It is our mission to protect your company, your people and the environment from the inevitable consequences and damages that come from these contaminations. Arivic provides specific solutions which can be used both on land and on water. 

Get to know our typical approach ensuring a tailor-made offering of our products and solutions fit to your company’s needs.


Avoid the inevitable dangers and consequences of spills in your company.

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Safeguard your company and your people, even when things go wrong.

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During crisis situations, an efficient clean-up methodology is essential.

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Get to know our expertise in spill management and ability to customise.

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All over the world, the past 20 years we’ve seen a massive shift in environmental concerns. Both the legislator and the companies are aware of the harmful effects that pollution has on humanity, nature and our economy. 

Nowadays, more than 75% of our customers understand that any form of spill prevention covering both short and long term, can contribute to a tangible return on their investment.



Corporate branding

Financial results


ARIVIC, the smart choice.

Our solutions have a positive impact on the safety of your employees and also can positively influence your entire company culture. Since the introduction of social media, your corporate branding is more than ever at stake when placed in a bad spotlight after a calamity, pollution or spill.  

On top of this, we’ve noticed that insurance brokers are willing to lower their fees when all precautionary actions are installed to avoid a crisis situation. All of this implies that prevention is more than ever a sustainable investment towards a healthy business model and a safe working environment!  


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